What is truth in a Multiverse?

Hello, my name is Kelly and I have been trying to save the world. On this journey, this is the truth as best I can gather it: Saving the world is easier than we think—because there is no world.

It came as a shock to me, too, when I discovered that there is no world and therefore nothing to save. As a quadruple Virgo (an archetype that lives for being in service) with an Aquarius mid-heaven, it has been difficult for me to accept—that “saving” myself is the only viable thing to do.

Fortunately saving myself looks like sharing my journey with you.

As a woman of immense privilege, I have been afforded the ability to take incredible risks. This has looked like living on the road with no fixed address, making films and web series inspired by my love life, running for political office, and documenting the front lines of colonial extraction and Indigenous resistance.

I share about my personal journey here, among insights into the true nature of reality, humanity, consciousness, and the systems that guide and shape our lives. You will also find podcast conversations with fascinating people, short films, investigative reports, and more.

I plan to continue growing and expanding this space, and I hope to include others’ adventures, reports, and insights as I do. Thank you for choosing to be here with me. It is an honour to share stories (and that’s all anything boils down to: stories) with you.

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Deciphering love, and the story of the world


What is truth in a Multiverse? Kelly Tatham is a multi-media storyteller and artist connecting the hidden dots behind what we call "reality." There is no truth. There are only stories.